DOPESHIT RECORDS  /  Independant Label based in Vevey (Switzerland)
LATEST NEWS on Dopeshit Records:  PAWZ ONE - Pick your poison

Los Angeles rhyme specialist Pawz One teams up with producer DJ VR to bring you a new solo album "Pick Your Poison ». All production work is handled is by VR and his arsenal of live musician's crafting a classic boom bap sound with live instruments to add flavor. Pawz One delievers everything from gritty crime stories to punchline heavy tracks. Guest appearances include Talib Kweli, Masta Ace, Main Flow, El Da Sensei and more...


Kingpin EP (9 Tracks) - Life Sentence

Kingpin is an established Hip Hop artist and newly emerging filmmaker (writer/director) based in London. Those familiar to his work know him for his thought provoking social content, explosive rhythmical flow and delivery, high energy stage presence and continual contribution within the Hip Hop scene. He was born in the inner city environment of London, among a back drop of council estates, deprived communities, drug abuse and gang culture, an environment which has provided endless inspiration for his written material. At a young age he discovered a passion for literature and music which progressed into a talent for writing and performing lyrics.

Main Flow - The Cincinnati Kid

Three years after his last solo album, “Return of the Castle”, Main Flow unveils the title of his next record. « The Cincinnati Kid » which spans across 19 tracks in a universe of diverse music mixed with mature and engaging lyrics f/ Reks – King Magnetic – Donte of Mood – Copywrite – Black Silver – Justin Werner – Apaulo 8 – Vokab company – Stacey Murray – Mc Complex – Esoteric – J Sands of Lone Catalysts.

Main Flow is best known for recording with Hi-Tek and Donte in the late 90’s. As Mood, they released a seminal debut album called “Doom” in 1997. Each member then embarked on a solo path, Main Flow dropping several solo albums, including one with 7L of 7L & Esoteric titled “Flow Season”.


KMI L'insurgé - Contre vents et marées

Contre vents et marées. Un titre sans équivoque résumant à lui seul l'esprit du 1er album solo de "KMI l'insurgé". Un projet varié, tant sur l'origine des artistes que sur les tendances musicale inspirée du groove des années '70. Une vision alternative, des textes mêlant conscience et métaphores sont accompagnés par des productions

de VR, influencées par la Soul, le jazz, le rock et le funk

Pawz One - Frequent Fliers feat. El Da Sensei (Artifacts)

Pawz One - Say what you want feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq

Pawz One - Bringing it back feat.

Self Provoked / Cuts by VR

Blac ft Destruct - The Re union

Prod by EQ / cuts by VR

REAIN - Soul food for thought

REAIN, also known as Jim Reaper, is a hip hop artist from London, United Kingdom. The spelling is a merge of ‘reign’ and ‘rain’; the idea is that this emcee reigns like a king and flows like the rain. His first notable step was his impact on the the British rap battle scene. Reain, under his former battling alias Wha’s His Face, has the following accolades to his name: The Jump Off’s UK Spin the Mic champion; US Spin the Mic (held in New York) semi-finalist; and World Rap Championships finalist alongside Possessed (from Rhyme Asylum, a hip hop crew from the UK) – the team faced Thesaurus and Illmaculate in the Las Vegas showdown.

Masai Bey - Fresh is

Onestreamental / cuts by VR


A compilation with a lot of artists like Planet Asia - Copywrite - Moka Only - Rampage - Chief Kamachi - Smoothe da hustler - Block mc cloud - INF -   Doap Nixon - Rick D - Complex - Insight - Vinnie Paz - Born Talent - Larynx - Imagery - Kingpin - Words and Rhymes - Buddha Monk - Main Flow - Pacewon - Ruste Juxx - Planetary of Outerspace - Ill Tone - Reain - King Magnetic - EQ and more..

Main Flow - Boomtown

Even though Main Flow resides in San Diego, California he never forgets where he came from. This proves to be true with his new song/video entitled “Boomtown” where he takes the time to highlight some of the people, cool places and events that take place in and around his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.

LMNO - Onestreamental cuts by VR

Durdy ft. Havok  - The Limit / Cuts VR

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