Main Flow is arguably one of the most skilled and ambitious MC’s to have ever blessed the culture of Hip-Hop. Starting at the age of 5, Main Flow has been rhyming nearly his whole life. After honing his skills during high school classes and lunch breaks, Main Flow, fellow MC, Donte, and producer, Jahson, formed the legendary Hip Hop group known as MOOD. With the ambition to spread their consciousness worldwide, MOOD manufactured/marketed their first LP and music video. Following the strong and positive responses from the public, MOOD began meeting with various major labels, ultimately signing with TVT Records. The distinct sound and appreciation of the MOOD camp then quickly grew, accompanied by hard hitting collaborations with artists such as; Talib Kweli, Reflection Eternal, Sunz Of Man, and Hi-Tek. As the success of MOOD developed, Main Flow chose to remain true to his roots and play the game independently. By opening WannaBattle Enterprises LLC (the heart of, WannaBattle Publishing, WannaBattle Records, WannaBattle Elite Beats, and WannaBattle Wear), Main Flow connected his knowledge of the industry to his underground mentality. When asked the direction of the company, Main Flow clearly illustrates his vision, “My main goal is to make sure that every WannaBattle company stands on its own and creates a large alternative for all consumers in the existing internet, music, clothing, and multi-media markets; as well as the new, up and coming trends.” Following the success of his first solo album under the WannaBattle logo entitled “Castle Diplomat,” the hip-hop world recognized Main Flow, not only as a member of the legendary MOOD team, but also as one of the best solo artists in the rap game. Word then quickly spread worldwide of his solo project, and since the introduction of Main Flow the solo artist, he has dropped 5 more LP’s: “Notebook Assassins,” produced by Jahson, DJ Drez, Zin Deadly, and Brisk One; “Hip Hopulation,” featuring artists such as; Soulstice, Talib Kweli, Esoteric, Defari, Killah Priest, Black Thought and fellow Mood kindred Donte;“Flowfessionals,” Mixed by Switzerland’s illest turntablist DJ Jesaya while featuring artists such as Whosane, Donte of Mood, and King Soloman to name a few; “Main Flow Featuring,” as classic collection of Main Flows favorite collaborations; and Main Flows 2006 release “Flow Season,” which has features from Living Legends artist “the Grouch,” also featuring Cormega. “Flow Season” stood out as the crowd favorite and received great reviews in the May/June 2006 Scratch Magazine, Elemental Magazine issue 76, and the UK’s Hip Hop Connection Magazine. The single “Where I’m from” has been deemed one of the hottest tracks to be released in 2006. With the successful independent releases of "Castle Diplomat "2002 , “Hip-Hopulation” 2004, “Notebook Assassins” 2005, and “The Flowfessionals” in 2006, Main Flow is looking forward to releasing an upcoming MOOD LP, as well as his next solo project “Return Of The Castle” feat: Donte of (Mood),The Grouch,Chali 2 Na and Justin Werner with production by: The Snowgoons,Evesor, BBG and Jahson from Mood.Return Of The Castle is scheduled to hit stores August 24th 2010. Overall Main Flow the rapper and entrepreneur, has built a Hip Hop reputation that centers on and around his excellent rhyming skills, numerous ambitions, and his love of Hip Hop.Main Flow is currently traveling the United States as well as South America and Europe, recording in the studio and sitting in at shows with the likes of the following artist (G Love, The New Mastersounds, Wuv from P.O.D., Osomatli and Inhale.