REAIN, also known as Jim Reaper, is a hip hop artist from London, United Kingdom. The spelling is a merge of ‘reign’ and ‘rain’; the idea is that this emcee reigns like a king and flows like the rain. His first notable step was his impact on the the British rap battle scene. Reain, under his former battling alias Wha’s His Face, has the following accolades to his name: The Jump Off’s UK Spin the Mic (a one-on-one knock out style competition) champion; US Spin the Mic (held in New York) semi-finalist; and World Rap Championships finalist alongside Possessed (from Rhyme Asylum, a hip hop crew from the UK) – the team faced Thesaurus and Illmaculate in the Las Vegas showdown. All of this earned Reain a spot on the UK’s expansive underground scene. He then followed up his battle SUCCESS by releasing The Metaphorcast. This solo album demonstrated Reain’s song writing abilities and skilful use of metaphors beyond the emcee battling arena. The album received great magazine and website reviews, airplay on Choice FM and various radio and internet stations, and his video for Capital City was aired on MTV Base and other channels. Reain also performed in many cities in Britain, often teaming up with Rhyme Asylum.Reain decided to shift his focus to higher education. However, he has been writing songs, keeping his skills sharp and expressing his passion for hip hop. Now with a number of projects in the pipeline, he aims to make a return to releasing music. Having grown and being more experienced, he will be expressing this in his new music.

In his own words he says:

‘A lot has happened in my life and the music game has changed too. I see myself as a well-rounded artist and I’m not afraid to talk about a wide range of topics in my music, ranging from raw battle bars to even God. I want to offer a positive alternative to all the clubby-poppy-drug selling-violence glorifying-sexualized hip hop. I’ve learnt a lot and I have something genuine to say. That’s one of the reasons why I love hip hop, it gives you the opportunity to say what you want to say. I just hope that people will listen’

So, let’s keep our ears to the street and hear what he has to say!